Statutory annual report

The Statutory Annual Report, which contains the Directors’ Report and Financial reports, covers pages 12–119 and Financial reporting. Comparisons shown in brackets refer to the corresponding amounts year-on-year. The key metrics from the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) are reported in the section on the Castellum share. Calculation and definitions of financial/alternative performance measures are found on pages Financial key metrics.

Castellum reports in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core. The Sustainability Report, for which the auditors prepared a limited assurance report, is indicated by the page references in the GRI index. The GRI index refers to Castellum’s 2020 Sustainability Report and to the in-depth sustainability information on Sustainability notes. The EPRA index is presented on EPRA index, and the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) index is on TCFD.

Castellum’s statutory sustainability report is found on the following pages: Business model, pages Strategy and Strategy and goal tracking; Environmental issues, pages Strategy and goal tracking, Agenda for the Sustainable City, Property portfolio, Focus area: the planet, Focus area: future-proofing, Sustainability risks, Sustainability and climate-related risks, Sustainability efforts and commitments, Environmental and climate data, EPRA sustainability best practices recommendations, EPRA environmental performance measures, EPRA social performance measures and EPRA index; social conditions and personnel issues, pages Strategy and goal tracking, Agenda for the Sustainable City, Focus area: future-proofing, Focus area: well-being, Focus area: social responsibility, Sustainability and climate-related risks, People, Employee data and Sustainability indicators; respect for human rights, pages Agenda for the Sustainable City, People, Employee data, Sustainability efforts and commitments and Employee data; anti-corruption, pages Focus area: future-proofing, Operational risks, Auditor and Internal control; and diversity in the Board, page Nomination Committee.

This is a translation of the Swedish language original. In the events of any differences between this translation and the Swedish original, the latter shall prevail.