The customer journey

Meeting new needs with attentiveness and innovation

Castellum has more than 5,700 tenants – all with unique needs and wishes for premises. The customer journey at Castellum is a circular one, constantly in progress and developing. It’s a matter of getting tenants to continue choosing Castellum, regardless of whether they stay in the same premises over time or if their need for space changes.

In every city where Castellum operates there are customer-centric local teams consisting of lessors, commercial administrators, technical administrators and property managers. They follow Castellum’s tenants in their daily work, and together they conduct dialogues on everything from daily administration to requirements for reconstruction. In addition, Castellum has its own experts in, for example, fire prevention, energy efficiency, sustainability and digitalisation. Castellum delivers service so its tenants can focus on their business.


When a need for new premises emerges, Castellum’s lessors chart the tenant’s specific needs. It may be an existing tenant who has grown out of their premises, or a new tenant who is either trying to establish themselves in a new city or simply looking for something new. Castellum’s offering includes offices, logistics and warehouse premises of every size and location. Castellum matches requirements against its offering and presents available properties. If the issue concerns existing premises, there is an investigation into the need for adapting them. If, on the other hand, it concerns new production, a close partnership with the tenant is initiated at an early stage, which continues through the occupancy date and the rest of the contract period. If co-working is the option being considered, United Spaces’ sales executives will point the way to the right kind of subscription, in which flexibility and access to service offerings are important factors. A co-working agreement can be very easily combined with a normal lease.


Some of Castellum’s properties also include a service offering. They are all different, with several possibilities for tenants who are leasing new production. It could be a matter of advisory services that ensure the office areas are optimised in terms of space in accordance with the tenant’s specific needs. It also concerns services that simplify the workday for both the tenants and for everyone who goes to work in Castellum’s premises every day: everything from smart boxes where people can receive their online shopping deliveries to charging stations for electric cars. Castellum also offers exciting solutions such as outdoor offices and other services that promote well-being and more active lifestyles – something that has roused ever greater interest among tenants.


Once the tenant has decided to choose Castellum, an agreement is signed. These are different, depending on the property type, and can vary as regards length of the contract and commitments on the tenant’s part. Leases from United Spaces are offered in a subscription format, which differs from normal leases as regards structure, flexibility and length of contract. Lease periods vary, depending on conditions. A lease in an existing property often expires after 3–5 years, whereas leases for new production are longer. Co-working contracts via United Spaces have a length of three months.


Being a Castellum should be simple. The company provides premises and wants to offer its tenants the services they need to achieve their business goals. Castellum has an attentive administration, and personal meetings are important. That is why the customer teams prioritise being close to their tenants, and it is also why Castellum has chosen to have its own property managers. There are also general Key Account Managers for the largest tenant customers in several cities, as well as expertise as regards the public sector property segment. Castellum works continually on developing its customer journey by measuring, evaluating and monitoring so as to become even better. To ensure this, there are a central business system, customer surveys and ongoing dialogue with tenants.


The tenants in turn have a total of 250,000 employees who go to work every day in Castellum’s premises. This creates unique opportunities to pursue development of premises together, regardless of whether it’s an office in the middle of the city or a strategically located logistics space close to one of the country’s major highways. For the tenants’ employees, a range of different services are offered that simplify their working day. Over the last few years, Castellum has focused on activities that promote health and are aimed at a more active lifestyle at work. Some examples of this are the WorkOut outdoor office concept and WELL certification of part of new production. The WELL standard is based on ten concepts that impact health: air, water, diet, movement, comfort, sound, material, wellness, a sense of belonging and innovation.


The customer journey is a circular one, and when new or changed needs emerge, the journey can continue together with the tenant. Castellum’s size and extensive property portfolio means that the tenant can remain with Castellum, regardless of whether their operations grow or shrink, move to another city or expand with a new establishment. For larger customers, there are opportunities to tailor solutions adapted to their specific needs. With United Spaces, tenants who need access to office space on short notice are offered flexible transition solutions.