People Committee

The Board’s People Committee routinely evaluates the terms of remuneration to senior executives in light of current market conditions. The Committee prepares matters in this area for decision by the Board. The members of the Remuneration Committee are appointed annually by the Board.

The People Committee consists of three Board members, including the Chairman of the Board, who is also Chairman of the Remuneration Committee. The Committee’s rules of procedure are included in the Board of Directors’ rules of procedure and are ratified annually. The tasks of the People Committee are:

  • Preparing recruitments to Group Management and succession issues regarding Executive Management as well as preparing questions regarding talent supply and management expansion within the Group.
  • Discussing management by objectives concerning gender equality and diversity issues.
  • Preparing and proposing guidelines for remuneration principles, remuneration and terms of employment for the CEO and other senior executives, as well as a separate remuneration report. The guidelines for remuneration are to be submitted to the Board, which in turn will submit remuneration proposals for resolution at the AGM. The same applies as regards the separate remuneration report.
  • The People Committee will also Monitor and evaluate programmes – both ongoing and concluded during the year – for variable remuneration to Executive Management.
  • Annually evaluating the efforts of the CEO, which is also done by an external expert, including interviews with both the Board of Directors and those reporting directly to the CEO.

The People Committee is to meet at least twice a year. In 2020, the Committee held four meetings. Issues addressed at the meetings included the review of remuneration to the CEO and other senior executives; proposals to the Board regarding the revision of the Executive Management’s remuneration package; monitoring and evaluation of incentive plans in effect; and proposals drawn up for parameters for the individually targeted factors in the annual performance-based incentive programme as well as HR and succession issues. Additionally, the People Committee has prepared suggestions for a separate remuneration report as well as guidelines for remuneration to senior executives.

People Committee

The People Committee consists of Chairman Charlotte Strömberg as well as members Per Berggren and Anna-Karin Hatt.

The primary tasks of the People Committee are:

  • Guidelines for remuneration policies.
  • Remuneration to senior executives.
  • Preparation of incentive plans.
  • Evaluation of the CEO.
  • Preparation of recruitments to Executive Management and succession issues.
  • Preparation of issues concerning management expansion and talent supply.
  • Management by objectives for equality and diversity.