This is Castellum

Castellum is one of the largest listed property companies in the Nordic region that develops flexible workplaces and smart logistics solutions. The Castellum share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap.

Key metrics, 2020

7% growth in income from property management and a proposed dividend increase for the 23rd consecutive year to SEK 6.90 per share.

  • Income in 2020 totalled MSEK 6,004 (5,821).
  • Income from property management amounted to MSEK 3,380 (3,146), equivalent to SEK 12.35 (11.52) per share – an increase of 7%.
  • Change in value on properties amounted to MSEK 3,863 (3,918) and on derivatives to MSEK –120 (–111).
  • Net income for the year amounted to MSEK 5,615 (5,650), corresponding to SEK 20.52 (20.68) per share.
  • Long-term net reinstatement value amounted to SEK 214 per share (195), an increase of 10%.
  • Net investments amounted to MSEK 4,267 (1,974) of which MSEK 2,646 (3,350) pertained to acquisitions, MSEK 2,512 (2,762) to new construction, extensions and reconstructions, and MSEK 891 (4,138) to sales.
  • Net lettings for the year were MSEK 239 (–24).
  • The Board proposes a dividend of SEK 6.90 (6.50) per share, an increase of 6%, to be distributed in two equal payments of SEK 3.45 each.

About Castellum

Castellum is one of the Nordic region’s largest listed real estate companies with a property value of SEK 103 billion. We are active in 14 Swedish growth regions as well as Copenhagen and Helsinki. 250,000 people go to work every day in our properties. We develop flexible workplaces and smart logistics solutions with a lettable area of 4.4 million square metres. One of our sustainability goals is to become entirely climate neutral by 2030. Castellum is the only Nordic property and construction company elected to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). The Castellum share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap. Beyond expectations.

3,380 MSEK

Income from property management


Increased dividend by

4.4 million sq. m.

Lettable area

103billion SEK

Property value




in Sweden, as well as in
Copenhagen and Helsinki

Castellum’s focus: Workplace as a service

Which service needs will office and logistics tenants have in an increasingly connected and digital work environment, and how does Castellum create workplaces with flexibility and added value?

During the year, when the coronavirus pandemic broke out, the development of digitalisation at workplaces leaped several years forward in time in just a few months. Working digitally as a standard is an obvious choice for many of Castellum’s office tenants after a long period of working from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, e-commerce has snowballed, and the demand for our logistics offering along with it.

In order to adapt to changes in the business environment, Castellum has focused further on the dialogue with tenants and transitioned from annual surveys to brief regular pulse measurements. These will provide the possibility of rapidly measuring tenants’ needs in these changing times. Flexibility is a keyword that our tenants use for both our office and logistics offerings. It is often a question of advice and the opportunity to rapidly change their premises requirements in order to adapt to reduced risk of infection or expanded space for warehouses and logistics solutions, an area in which Castellum’s tenants had extremely strong growth during the year.

During the year, we increased our service capacity for co-working in Stockholm and Gothenburg through our subsidiary, United Spaces. In addition, new co-working facilities will open in Uppsala and Helsingborg in 2021. This expansion means that in 2021 we will be able to take on twice as many members as we can today. At United Spaces, members can easily expand or reduce their office space while receiving maximum service for their operations in the very best locations.

At the in-house Next20 laboratory, Castellum is continually developing ideas and concepts for new service offerings that are being tested both within the company and among our tenants.

During the year, the Castellum app and digital locks were launched at a number of properties, as was lighting that promotes a natural circadian rhythm in an office environment. By working this way, expertise, technology and customer needs are brought together.