Beyond expectations

Castellum’s offering goes far beyond the roofs and walls of our properties. The company creates opportunities for operations to flourish, for people to develop and for cities to grow. This is achieved through advisory services for innovative and healthy work environments, through applied research into flexible work methods, through offering logistics solutions that bring everyday purchases home to the front door, and especially through developing buildings and new city districts with net zero climate impact.

Family-friendly work life with flex possibilities

E.ON Building (Photo)

Modern “last mile” solutions for e-commerce

Audi Building (Photo)

Instabox makes life simpler for tenants

We offer connected properties

Healthy workplaces with gyms and changing rooms

Development of climate-smart properties

We make it simple to take the workplace with you

We conduct research into work life of the future

Recycling is self-evident

We create meeting spaces

Green leases favour people and the environment

We help our tenants become more sustainable

Grey Building (Photo)

Convenient with digital locks

Women working on laptop (Photo)

We design unique offices for every tenant

Solar panels on the roof provide tenants with renewable energy

Buildings with glass front (Photo)

Our nesting boxes promote biological diversity

Our property development builds new districts

Our apprenticeship programmes help young people get work

An equitable organisation strengthens profitability and customer offerings

WorkOut, a concept for outdoor offices

We offer co-working and shared offices

Diversity in the organisation generates a diversity of solutions

We employ the re-use and circularity of construction material

Our services provide you with more balance in daily life