Risks related to people affect both employees and people in Castellum’s business environment.













21. Employees
Employees are one of our most important assets; their decisions and actions drive our business forward. The largest risk is failure to recruit, develop and retain employees and senior executives with the right skills, which may lead to underperformance at Castellum.


  • Castellum’s core values.
  • Open and transparent work environment.
  • Skills and leadership development.
  • Employee survey.
  • Succession plan for key employees/senior executives.
  • Market-based, competitive remuneration.
  • Analysis of staff turnover.


Wrong employees in the wrong place, dissatisfied employees, poor management and an organisation that does not encourage open dialogue and development can lead to employees feeling unhappy, underperforming or quitting. In turn, dissatisfied employees and high employee turnover lead to increased costs, poorer customer relations and reduced internal efficiency, which results in impaired profitability.








22. People
Castellum works actively to minimise the risk of employees, insourced staff or other people being injured physically or mentally in connection with its offices, developments or properties.


  • Continual work in accordance with Castellum’s health and safety manual.
  • Routine monitoring.
  • Protection committee.
  • Design and architecture with “people in focus” in order to ensure a good environment for tenants, visitors and employees.
  • Provide attractive offices and environments where people feel happy and are encouraged to create good conditions for performance.


Castellum works actively to minimise the risk of employees, outside staff hired by us or other people being injured in a workplace-related accident or an accident related to deficient working conditions, work environment or work safety.






Reduced focus on risk area since previous year





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Increased focus on risk area since previous year