Production information

Produced by

Castellum, in partnership with Narva.


The new E.ON head office in Malmö. Sketch: Kanozi.


The Bugli Company.

This is a translation of the Swedish language original. In the events of any differences between this translation and the Swedish original, the latter shall prevail.

Front page

Castellum’s office in Stockholm. Photo: Jesper Orrbeck. The Korsningen block in Örebro. Image: Utopia.

Back cover

Solar cells, Hisingen Logistics Park. Photo: Arben Ropica.


Per-Erik Adamsson, Mattias Bardå, Christoffer Edling, Mikael Göthage, Klas Hultén, Jeanette Larsson Winerö, Jesper Orrbeck, Arben Ropica, Shutterstock, Anna Sigvardsson Högborg, Martin Sommerschiel, Karl Sundholm, Claes Svensson and Anders Särnbratt.

Vision images

Adore Adore, Archus Arkitekter, BSK Arkitekter, Enter Arkitektur, ETTELVA Arkitekter, FOJAB Arkitekter, Henning Larsen Architects, Holfelt & Partner Arkitekter, Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy, Nils Andréasson Arkitektkontor, Pantektor, Refine Design Studio, Råformat, Semrén & Månsson, Sweco, Tomorrow, Tyréns, Utopia Arkitekter, Walk the room, White Arkitekter, White Arkitekter/Stockholms stad and Wingårdhs.

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