Services that make life simpler

Castellum acquired the co-working company United Spaces in January 2019, a year before the coronavirus pandemic broke out. The company had high expectations for the deal, but did not suspect that co-working would soon become the symbol for a new, flexible work life.

United Spaces offers resource-efficient, flexible office solutions to companies of varying sizes, and also promotes building a community among people, unexpected meetings and creativity. To date, co-working has been a big-city phenomenon, but it is now spreading quickly across the country. It is still a new offering in which Castellum is pursuing an active learning process in teamwork with its tenants in order to produce competitive services.

“The office will change. The entire concept of workplace will change, expand and improve. We’ve known this since before the pandemic upended the playing field.”

Malin Engelbrecht, Project Manager Strategic Initiatives

Co-working is the symbol for flexible working

Co-working involves the lessor offering the tenants both physical and digital platforms where they can interact, explore collaboration and expand their networks. In connection with the workplace, a number of other service and activities are offered – from sandwiches and coffee to conference rooms and yoga lessons. Individuals become part of a creative environment where comprehensive services are included, as is the possibility of meeting and exchanging experiences with other members. Tenants are offered flexibility as regards workplaces, rental terms and agreements – and as a property owner, spaces can be used more efficiently.

United Spaces provides a platform for quickly identifying trends and behaviours and turning these into attractive new service offerings, as well as possibilities for testing new smart ideas. This way, expertise in technology and customer behaviour are brought together. The ability to continually adapt its offerings in accordance with its tenants’ needs and wishes is the essence of Castellum’s operations.

Open, Accessy!

A mobile phone app grants access to entrance doors, conference rooms, bicycle garages, parking and the office. Access to logistics, deliveries, alarm services, waste management and more can also be managed with this solution. The same technology makes it possible to rent and unlock a car using the same app. Accessy was tested in the autumn of 2020 and will be rolled out in early 2021 for United Spaces members, and subsequently for other tenants.


Instabox makes it possible to order goods online and then pick them up from a smart box in the property where you work. The service makes daily tasks easier for people working in over 45 of Castellum’s properties.