Safe and healthy workplaces for tenants and employees

In Focus area: Future-proofing, the overall objective is to create a sustainable asset portfolio in a changing world. By focusing on long-term sustainability in its property portfolio, Castellum ensures that value is retained over time and that the company is equipped for future changes and challenges.

Focus area: Future-proofing


Castellum is to create a sustainable asset portfolio in a changing world.


  • 50% of the property portfolio in square metres will be environmentally certified in 2025.
  • All new constructions and larger reconstructions will be environmentally certified. Miljöbyggnad level Gold applies to new construction or reconstruction of office and retail premises. A lower certification level may only be used if there are particular reasons why Gold cannot be achieved. Miljöbyggnad, level Silver applies to logistics buildings.
  • Eco-system services will be evaluated for new construction and major projects, and at least as many eco-system services – or more – will be recreated on site.


  • 39% of the property portfolio in square metres is environmentally certified, and certification of a further 7% is in progress. Castellum owns the greatest number of environmentally certified buildings out of all the Swedish listed property companies.
  • All of Castellum’s major new constructions or reconstructions for office and retail met this goal in 2020.
  • Ecosystem services are evaluated and implemented in all new major projects.

High levels of ambition for environmental certifications

For Castellum, offering tenants and employees healthy and safe work environments is important. To achieve this, Castellum works with such processes as environmental inventories and accepted property environmental certification systems.

The objective is for all properties to be environmentally inventoried. Castellum environmentally certifies all new constructions and larger reconstructions. If these are office projects, they must be certified under Miljöbyggnad, level Gold. A lower certification level may only be used if there are particular reasons why Gold cannot be achieved. New offices outside of Sweden are to be certified according to BREEAM, level Excellent. Miljöbyggnad, level Silver applies to new production of logistics buildings. Castellum also has its own sustainability programme that applies to all investments; read more on Property portfolio.

Clear requirements in the supply chain

Castellum works to achieve the smartest and most efficient use of resources possible. Castellum has a Code of Conduct for Suppliers that applies to all procurements, which means that projects are carried out with strict sustainability and climate requirements.

The requirements on our suppliers concern the environment, work environments and safety, working conditions and human rights as well as business ethics and anti-corruption.

Castellum imposes clear sustainability requirements in new construction and reconstruction by applying Group-wide sustainability programmes for procurements. Read more about Castellum’s ideas concerning sustainable investments in connection with new constructions and reconstruction on Property portfolio.

For major purchases and procurements, Castellum’s ambition is to monitor suppliers and contractors in accordance with Group-wide requirements. Monitoring takes place in various ways, for example through auditing via Castellum’s environmental management system, inspections, questionnaires and site visits. No major deviations were brought to light during the year from monitoring. In 2020, Castellum purchased services or products totalling SEK 3,495 million from a total of 4,105 suppliers, of which the 57 largest suppliers with a purchase volume over MSEK 10 accounted for 60% of the purchase volume. Furthermore, no significant changes occurred in Castellum’s work with its chain of suppliers during the year.

As a part of enhancing efficiency and imposing clear requirements in the supplier chain, Castellum systematically signs framework agreements with suppliers. In every procurement, the supplier must also affirm that they work systematically on sustainability and health and safety management. If a supplier violates the Code of Conduct or sustainability and health and safety requirements, the agreement can be cancelled. During the year, Castellum signed 7 new framework agreements; in total, there are 29 framework agreements in the Group for goods and services in property management.


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