The Planet

The long-term goal of Castellum’s environmental and climate efforts is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 at the latest. One of the company’s key issues is preventing global warming by reducing the environmental and climate impacts of its operations.

Strategic areas of focus

Castellum’s environmental and climate initiatives concern:

  • optimising energy consumption
  • using natural resources efficiently and responsibly
  • educing carbon emissions
  • reducing waste volumes
  • reducing the consumption of water
Ongoing targets Outcome 2022
1 per cent water conservation per year.1) (+) 1 per cent
2.5 per cent energy efficiency enhancements per year.1) 4.0 per cent
100 per cent non-fossil fuel powered vehicles. 96 per cent


Target 2025 Outcome 2022
11 per cent reduction in energy consumption compared with 2021. 2 per cent
70 per cent of Castellum’s properties must have an energy performance lower than 100 kWh/sq. m. per year. 63 per cent
100 solar PV systems in the “100 on Solar” programme. 76 installations


Target 2030 Outcome 2022
Net-zero carbon emissions, approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. Achieved using the following road maps:
Net-zero in property management (Scope 1 & 2). 2.3 kg/sq. m.
Net-zero in Project development (Scope 3). 29 per cent
100 per cent non-fossil fuel energy. 95 per cent
100 per cent of Castellum’s properties must, over the long term, have an energy performance lower than 50 kWh/sq. m. per year.2) 28 per cent

1. In the like-for-like portfolio.

2. The target has not been set specifically for 2030, but is a long-term target.