One of Castellum’s long-term goals is a future-proof asset portfolio with enduring values over time and that provides safe, healthy workplaces for its tenants and their employees. This is how Castellum will ensure that the company and its properties are equipped to manage future changes and external requirements, remaining a successful and sustainable company.

Strategic areas of focus

Castellum’s efforts to future-proof its asset portfolio involve activities such as:

  • environmental inventories of properties
  • sustainability certification of properties
  • evaluating and adapting properties to climate change
  • setting clear sustainability standards for all suppliers to follow
Ongoing targets Outcome 2022
All new production and major reconstructions to be sustainability certified. 100 per cent
Net positive increase of ecosystem services in major projects.1) Achieved
Re-use in all projects. Achieved2)


Target 2025 Outcome 2022
50 per cent of the portfolio is to be sustainability certified. 45 per cent


Target 2030 Outcome 2022
Re-use and renewable materials must be a significant element in all projects. __3)

1. Revised target from 2023.

2. The implementation was completed in late 2022. Since then, re-use has been implemented in all projects. Monitoring of the target will begin in 2023.

3. The target has a long-term perspective. Reporting will be developed over the coming years.