Properties and projects

Castellum is the Nordic region’s leading commercial property company, and one of the companies that owns the most properties in the Nordic region. Our portfolio is focused on attractive growth regions in Sweden as well as Copenhagen and Helsinki.
Through the associated company Entra, Castellum is also exposed to robust areas in Norway. Castellum is also developing its in-house development portfolio by securing land allocation agreements as well as acquiring building rights for new construction, expansions, and reconstruction. Castellum has a large project pipeline, but the level of activity in ongoing projects and new project starts has fallen drastically since mid-2022 while awaiting stability in the capital market and clarity as regards the cost structure. The level of transaction activity as regards acquisitions has decreased. Instead, a number of sales were decided – both portfolios and individual properties – in order to strengthen the balance sheet, which permits scope for addressing a poorly functioning capital market over the longer term.

Larger completed projects

Location Örebro
Area 5,650 sq. m.
Occupancy Q2 2022
Investment SEK 227 M

Castellum has constructed an office building in central Örebro with the Swedish Police as the tenant. The building was completed in the summer of 2022. The building is made entirely of wood and is certified under the Sweden Green Building Council’s (SGBC) new NollCO2 certification. The objective is that the building will have net-zero carbon emissions during its lifetime.

Location Helsingborg
Area around 7,000 sq. m.
Occupancy Q2 2022
Investment SEK 320 M

Late in the autumn of 2019, Castellum began the construction of GreenHaus, a modern office building of approximately 7,000 square metres, in the new Oceanhamnen district of central Helsingborg. The building was completed in the spring of 2022 and will be certified under WELL, the only construction standard that takes the wellness of people in their work life into consideration. The tenants include AFRY, Helsingborg Municipality, and Grant Thornton, and the building also contains coworking operations through United Spaces, the coworking company owned by Castellum.

Location Långeberga, Helsingborg
Area around 22,000 sq. m.
Occupancy Q4 2022
Investment SEK 261 M

Helsingborg usually ranks as Sweden’s second-best city for logistics (after Gothenburg), largely owing to its geographical conditions at the intersection of the E6 and E4 motorways as well as the country’s second-largest port. Långeberga is a well-established logistics district that is simultaneously faced with an extensive expansion in which Castellum’s new venture plays an important part. Two modern buildings for logistics, warehouses and light industry – 9,000 and 11,500 square meters respectively – have been built on the Drevet 1 lot.

Larger ongoing projects

Location Nyhamnen, Malmö
Area around 26,500 sq. m.
Occupancy Q1 2023
Investment SEK 1,270 M

Castellum is constructing new court offices for the District Court, Administrative Court, and Rent and Tenancy Tribunal in Malmö. The court building will be located in the new Nyhamnen district of Malmö, where Castellum is also constructing a new head office for E.ON. The building will contain around 40 courtrooms and will thus be one of northern Europe’s largest court buildings.

Location Mölndal, Gothenburg
Area around 10,600 sq. m.
Occupancy Q3 2024
Investment SEK 453 M

Together, Castellum and the foundation-owned Blå Stjärnan Animal Hospital are developing a new specialist animal hospital in Mölndal. The hospital will be Sweden’s largest small-animal clinic, and its 7,000 square metres will house an advanced medical practice. The central inner courtyard will be a green oasis, providing opportunities for dog-walking as well as rest and recovery for employees. The bottom storey of the building will be a parking garage with an additional 4,500 square metres. The property is being developed with great ambitions concerning sustainability and will be classified as Miljöbyggnad, level Silver.



Location Nyhamnen, Malmö
Area 31,460 sq. m.
Occupancy Q1 2023
Investment SEK 1,296 M

Castellum is constructing a new Nordic head office for around 1,500 employees, in the Nyhamnen district near Malmö Central Station. The building will be a new national landmark in Malmö, and the office has been designed to satisfy a number of different requirements and needs that are imposed on a trendsetting building with sustainable workplaces and attractive architecture. The new construction will be certified under BREEAM’s highest sustainability certification level, and in accordance with the WELL Building Standard’s highest level, Platinum. The latter places unique demands on the health and well-being of people at their work.

Future potential development projects, 20 largest by area

Project Location Type Category Detailed development plan Lettable area, sq. m.
Säve Stage 1 Gothenburg N Lo Ongoing 51,500
Halvors äng Stage III* Gothenburg N Lo In effect 50,500
Läkaren 10 Stockholm R O In effect 38,000
Part of Västerås 3:69** Västerås N Lo Ongoing 32,000
Halvors äng Stage II* Gothenburg N Lo In effect 32,000
Finnslätten 1 Västerås N Oth In effect 28,700
Halvors äng Stage I* Gothenburg N Lo In effect 28,000
Charkuteristerna 1-8 Stockholm R O Ongoing 25,000
Norr om Nordstaden** Gothenburg N O Ongoing 25,000
Infinity Stockholm N O In effect 19,800
Flabohult Jönköping N Lo In effect 15,000
Smärgelskivan Helsingborg N Lo In effect 15,000
Halvors äng Stage V* Gothenburg N Lo In effect 14,000
Halvors äng Stage IV* Gothenburg N Lo In effect 13,000
Sunnanå 8:51 Malmö N Lo In effect 13,000
Brunna Örnäs 1:28 Stockholm N Lo In effect 12,700
Brunna Örnäs 1:29 Stockholm N Lo In effect 12,700
Gladan 5, 6, 7 Stockholm R O In effect 11,000
Forskaren Lund N O In effect 10,000
Inre hamnen Norrköping N O In effect 9,000
Totalt 456,000

1. The projects are being run in the form of a joint venture in which Castellum’s share is 50 per cent.

2. Land allocation agreement

Category: O=Office, W=Warehouse, Lo=Logistics, P=Public sector, I=Industry, Oth=Other. Investment type: N=New construction, R=Reconstruction