Castellum’s customer offerings develop in pace with the business environment. Hybrid work is here to stay, which places stringent requirements on flexibility, office design, and customer offering.
Castellum’s mission is to create workplaces where people and enterprises thrive. The key to creating attractive customer offerings lies in the combination of understanding the needs of the tenants and their employees, and how these are impacted by trends in our business environment.

Castellum’s customer offering is built on the insight that employee wellness and comfort are the foundation of successful operations, and in oriented on increasing the level of service through developing that makes daily life easier for people who work in Castellum’s properties. Expectations of what a workplace should be and offer have quite simply changed.

The Work Life of the Future report for 2022, a survey that Castellum produces every year, shows that with more people working remotely, the physical office is an even greater vessel of the company’s culture – a place for social collaboration, cooperation, and community in addition to a place for individual work.

With a flexible approach, demand for coworking is growing and an increasing number of customers want to lease a traditional office while simultaneously having the opportunity for flex slots in a coworking environment. Since 2019, Castellum has owned one of Sweden’s largest coworking players: United Spaces, which currently has 11 arenas in six cities.

Research clearly demonstrates the numerous advantages of a healthy, well-planned physical work environment, which is why Castellum offers a range of health services in and adjacent to many of its properties. Moreover, many properties are equipped with bicycle rooms and changing rooms of a high standard.

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