Castellum has a large customer portfolio consisting of approximately 8,000 commercial leases. The spread of tenants, as well as types and geographic locations of premises, is broad.

Exposure to individual tenants is low and the proportion of stable tenants such as players in the public sector – state and municipal entities – is increasing, as are customers who sign green leases. The large number of tenants and broad scope of its industry spread means that Castellum has strong risk diversification. The length and scope of the leases vary greatly. This makes Castellum less dependent on fluctuations in the business cycle.

Number of properties


Total lettable area (thousand sq. m.)


Commercial leases


The customer journey, in three steps

Castellum offers modern property management where digitalisation has had a tremendous effect, the offices are healthy, and the focus is on sustainability. Castellum adapts itself to its tenants’ broadly diverse needs and desires. The customer journey at Castellum is a circular one, and is constantly developing. It is a matter of getting tenants to continue choosing Castellum, even when their needs change.

1. Survey phase

When a need for new premises emerges, either with an existing customer or a new one, Castellum’s lessors chart the potential tenant’s needs.

2. Supplementary services

Castellum offers various types of advisory services such as space optimisation, and various services linked to tenant needs.

3. Occupancy decisions

Castellum offers various types of leases with broad flexibility for both length and commitments from the tenant’s side, as well as coworking services.