Beyond expectations

­Castellum works continually to develop its offering so that the company can meet the rapid changes in its business environment. The offering to tenants reaches beyond the properties themselves. Through dialogue with tenants and by listening to research, innovative and healthy work environments are being developed that facilitate flexible approaches and a sustainable working life.
­Castellum is also part of developing the retail of the future by offering logistics services – last-mile services, for example – that bring day-to-day purchases home to the front door. ­Castellum is developing buildings with net-zero carbon emissions. Meeting places are being created, and -Castellum is helping its tenants and their employees to become more sustainable. The business strategy takes its starting point in a rapidly changing business environment, where the objective is to consistently meet tenants’ needs while being an urban developer with a long-term perspective. This is how -Castellum is creating the sustainable cities of the future.

Value creation model

This is a description of how -Castellum creates sustainability values in its operation. The construction and property industry accounts for nearly 20 per cent of Sweden’s carbon emissions and generates just over 30 per cent of all waste in Sweden. At -Castellum, we do not have just the ambition to drive the -transition to a more sustainable society. We act. The value creation model shows how we use business intelligence to plan and act smartly, to exert our influence, and to create sustainable values for our stakeholders. Our ambition is to make a positive contribution to society.

Resources that Castellum uses

  • 749 properties at a value of SEK 154 Bn and a total area of 5.7 million square metres
  • More than 500 employees
  • A strong brand
  • Nearly 11,000 suppliers and contractors
  • 8,000 commercial leases
  • 760 green leases
  • Natural resources in the form of energy, water and materials

1. Including holdings in Entra

Property value1)

SEK 181 Bn

Business environment

Climate change, geopolitical conflicts, energy prices, inflation, values, health, and flexibility.

Castellum develops successful workplaces
and smart logistics solutions

  • Property management
  • Project development
  • Transactions

The value Castellum creates for its stakeholders

Satisfied, sustainable tenants

  • CSI: 75
  • 45 per cent sustainability-certified properties
  • 76 solar PV systems installed, corresponding to 11,939 kW
  • 922 charging stations provided
  • Net lettings: 29,000 sq. m.

106,000 shareholders

  • Net income for the year: SEK 1,750 M
  • Growth: 9.5 per cent per share in income from property management
  • Despite the dividend on hold, 3,175 per cent total return since 1997
  • 33 per cent of turnover is EU Taxonomy-aligned
  • A green share, Nasdaq Green Equity Designation

Committed employees who are developing

  • All employees are offered a physical fitness subsidy
  • More than 16,000 training hours completed
  • Low level of sick leave (2.9 per cent)
  • Good equality (42 per cent women / 58 per cent men)

Robust, long-standing supplier relations

  • Code of Conduct applied in all supplier partnerships
  • SEK 124 M in energy optimisation projects
  • 353 framework agreements
  • Goods and services purchased: SEK 8,750 M

Castellum’s ambition is to make a positive contribution to society

Reduced environmental and climate impact

Castellum makes efficient use of natural resources, reduces resource consumption and carbon emissions to create a sustainable asset portfolio:

  • 63 per cent reduction in carbon emissions since 2007
  • 4 per cent reduction in energy consumption
  • Castellum promotes biodiversity
  • Increases the proportion of circular materials

Strong positive impact on society

  • Castellum develops sustainable properties and promotes positive urban development
  • Castellum promotes health, wellness and productivity for its employees and tenants
  • Through WELL at scale, Castellum has a positive influence over 18,000 of its tenants’ employees as regards health and wellness

Major positive financial impact

Castellum is a profitable company that contributes financially to various stakeholders:

  • SEK 558 M in salary and remuneration to employees
  • SEK 8,750 M to suppliers and contractors
  • SEK 15 M in tax and SEK 14 M in contributions to local communities

The figures in the value creation model pertain to 2022.