A strategy that creates value

Castellum is to be a landlord that goes beyond expectations. That creates workplaces where people and organisations can thrive. Castellum creates successful and sustainable workplaces in Nordic growth regions by keeping close to customers and using innovation and expertise.


Beyond expectations.


Create workplaces where people and ­organisations thrive.

Business idea

We create successful and
sustainable workplaces in Nordic
growth regions by really keeping
close to customers while staying on
the cutting edge of
innovation and expertise.

The Castellum Spirit

The core values that guide Castellum in its daily activities.

• Business-focused • Committed
• Courageous

Business model

Investing in and developing commercial premises managed by a decentralised and customer-centric organisation. Castellum focuses on cash flow and operates with low financial risk.

Overall targets


Overall target: 10 per cent annual growth in income from property management, in SEK/share.

Performance 2022


Performance 2022: 9.5 per cent growth in income from property management, in SEK/share.

Castellum’s strategy and new operational targets

The preceding strategy period finished in 2022. In summary, Castellum has followed its strategy of growing in attractive Nordic growth regions, expanded its development portfolio, and obtained a higher CSI index than the preceding year. For the seventh consecutive year, Castellum has also been the only property company in the Nordic region to be included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, which shows that the company’s strategic goal of being Europe’s most sustainable property company has yielded results.

After the combination with Kungsleden, Castellum is largely a new organisation. As part of this year’s strategic initiatives, new operational targets were developed. The new operational goals focus on Castellum developing the sustainable meeting spaces and workplaces of the future, and on being the Nordic region’s leading commercial property management company and an attractive employer. These goals are illustrated below.

Castellum’s operational goals


Castellum will be the commercial company of choice for business and the public sector by developing and offering the sustainable meeting spaces and work places of the future, where organisations can grow and become attractive employers.


Castellum will be the Nordic region’s leading property management company that makes daily life easier for our customers through local presence, sustainable property operation and leading-edge digital solutions.


Castellum will be a leading company and an attractive employer by focusing on our employees and having a robust culture with clear values.

The sustainable city will help Castellum reach its goals

To actively promote sustainable development, Castellum is working towards its goal of being the most sustainable property company in Europe. Castellum conducts its operations responsibly and creates long-term solutions from an economic, ecological and social perspective with one clear goal: achieving climate neutrality by 2030.

We call our sustainability strategy The sustainable city 2030.