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Castellum 2021 in brief


The goal is for all employees to have a high sense of well-being all the time. For Castellum, this is a matter of promoting health, well-being and improved productivity, and its operations being characterised by equal opportunity and diversity.

Castellum’s commitment

We will promote health, wellness and productivity.

Core values provide guidance in daily life

Castellum’s core values – the Castellum Spirit – provide guidance in day-to-day activities and various business situations concerning what is expected of an employee at the company, and how we should conduct ourselves towards each other in the company.

A flexible workplace

Work life as a whole is facing a revolution that Castellum intends to best meet through also practising change in its own operations. When the pandemic broke out, the company introduced remote working for many employees, and sees this as an important supplement to the office going forward as well, especially to reduce commuting to work.

A workplace where everyone has a high sense of well-being

Health and safety, as well as a positive work environment, are priorities at Castellum. The objective is a healthy workplace free of accidents. Using a structured approach, the company is working proactively to boost employee health, prevent risks and avoid work-related accidents.

The Castellum spirit





Diversity and Equal Opportunity

For Castellum, it is important that its operations are characterised by equal opportunity, diversity and equal rights for all. By 2025, the company will have achieved a long-term gender equality balance in all positions and the share of coworkers with international backgrounds will have increased to 20% so as to reflect the actual composition of society over the long term. A part of the initiatives for equal opportunity and diversity also deal with ensuring equitable and competitive salaries.

Commitment among companies and employees

Since the end of 2020, Castellum has conducted the Castellum Experience monthly employee survey. The average outcome in 2021 indicates a commitment index just over the average among comparable companies. At Castellum, competence development takes place via both internal and external resources. Competence development could be training adapted to employee job descriptions, but also training within areas that the company is currently focused on. Castellum also participates in various partnerships with institutions such as the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), where academic workers who have recently arrived in Sweden are given internship opportunities.