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Castellum 2021 in brief

The planet

The long-term goal of Castellum’s environmental and climate efforts is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 at the latest. Preventing global warming based on its own operations is one of the company’s key issues.

Castellum’s commitment

Castellum will responsibly and efficiently reduce resource use and carbon emissions that cause global warming.

Efficient energy use

Castellum works continually to reduce its energy use. Its efforts focus on both optimising operations and investing in energy-efficient and renewable technologies. Castellum’s buildings are over 40% more energy efficient than the Swedish average for these premises. All Castellum’s vehicles are non-fossil fuel powered. This means that all service cars, carpool vehicles and company cars used by Castellum are either electric or run on biofuel.

Reduced carbon emissions

Castellum is working actively to reduce carbon emissions. Not only direct emissions from the use of oil and gas, from refrigerant leakage, and from service, company and carpool vehicles, but also indirect emissions in the form of purchased energy such as district heating and electricity. To reduce emissions, work is under way to phase out fossil fuels.

Increased share of renewable energy sources

Solar panels have been installed at several of Castellum’s properties. Currently, there are 55 solar panel installations on the company’s properties. Castellum is in continual dialogue with district heating plants concerning how they can reduce emissions through improving their fuel mix. A transition to green district heating with renewable fuels is ongoing at many of the district heating suppliers that Castellum partners with.

55 solar panel installations on Castellum’s properties.

Reduced amounts of waste

Castellum works systematically to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill and incineration and to increase the proportion of recycled waste. Waste sorting, for example, is offered at all properties that are managed by Castellum, and waste management requirements are imposed on all contractors in conjunction with projects. Castellum’s own energy management system provides access to waste data that will facilitate proper monitoring of the flows and a focus on increased sorting.

Water consumption

Castellum utilises only water from the municipal water system, monitors consumption and takes measures to reduce use in conjunction with property management, new construction and reconstruction. Examples include installation of low-flow toilets, leak detectors and installation of tap aerators. Other measures being implemented on a smaller scale include the collection of rainwater for flushing toilets.