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Castellum 2021 in brief


The long-term goal for Castellum is a future-proof asset portfolio that provides safe, healthy workplaces for tenants and employees and the value of which endures over time. This is how we ensure the company is equipped to manage changes and challenges in future. This year, 15 solar cells were installed and 36 sustainability certifications were conducted.

Castellum’s commitment

We will create a sustainable asset portfolio in a changing world.

High levels of ambition for sustainability certifications

For Castellum, offering tenants and employees healthy and safe work environments is important. To achieve this, Castellum works with environmental inventories and certifying its properties for sustainability. The objective is for all properties to be environmentally inventoried. Castellum certifies all new constructions and larger reconstructions for sustainability.

New technology

Castellum is investing heavily in solar panel solutions and charging stations for electric vehicles. The “100 on Solar” project means that Castellum will build 100 solar panels on existing buildings up through 2025. In 2020, the construction of northern Europe’s largest solar panel installations began at Hisingen Logistics Park outside Gothenburg. The investment of MSEK 27 covers 30,000 square metres of solar panels with an annual production of 3.3 GWh. There are 674 charging stations for electric vehicles currently in operation on Castellum’s properties.

EU Taxonomy Regulation

All of Castellum’s operations are taxonomy-eligible. For existing buildings, they must be able to demonstrate an energy performance certificate with a rating of A or be among the top 15% of the most energy-efficient buildings in the country in order to be in line with the requirements for classification as green economic activity in the taxonomy. Castellum works actively in partnership with the Fastighetsägarna industry association and EPRA to study and produce guidance and national threshold values for measuring green activities under the taxonomy.

100% of Castellum’s properties are EU taxonomy-eligible.

Clear requirements for suppliers

The construction and property industry involves major purchases, where there is a risk of corruption. The risk of corruption in Castellum’s operations have been identified as greatest primarily in conjunction with major procurements. As part of the evaluation in selecting a supplier, sustainability is always an assessment criteria and is weighted into the choice of supplier. Castellum also has a Code of Conduct for Suppliers that applies to all procurements and all partnerships with suppliFers. The requirements on our suppliers concern the environment, work environments and safety, working conditions and human rights as well as business ethics and anti-corruption.