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Castellum 2021 in brief


Castellum’s approach has always been sustainable. We have reduced our environmental impat, worked on energy efficiency and certified our properties for sustainability. We are urban developers with a long-term perspective. Sustainability is integrated into everything we do. And in all of our investments.

The sustainable city

By 2030, Castellum will have net-zero carbon emissions. In 2017, the Board of Directors adopted a concrete sustainability strategy – The sustainable city 2030 – with 22 measurable targets and actions to achieve the longterm goal, which is revised and updated annually.

“The sustainable city 2030” consists of four areas of focus: The Planet, Future-proofing, Well-being and Social Responsibility. Based these areas of focus, Castellum conducts its operations responsibly and creates long-term solutions from an economic, ecological and social perspective


Castellum’s goal of being one of Europe’s most sustainable property companies is validated by the international attention the company has garnered for its sustainability initiatives. These external awards confirm the company’s strong sustainability position and show that owners and investors put a premium on well-developed sustainability initiatives.


Castellum works to certify all its new construction projects for sustainability. Castellum also works to create premises with a focus on health and well-being for its tenants.

Climate scenarios - risks and opportunities

Castellum uses climate scenarios to identify financial and operational risks and opportunities linked to climate changes that impact the company over both the short and long term. The purpose is to ensure that both operations and the property portfolio have the conditions to manage climate changes.

Case: Jobbsprånget

An internship helped Reshma become a part of the community