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Castellum 2021 in brief

We have reinvented the office to create healthy, creative workplaces

Budget meetings on the roof? Or Monday meetings with birdsong? Castellum’s popular outdoor offices give a boost to both mind and body, and will soon be available in ten cities.

WorkOUT® is a healthy complement to the regular office, with ergonomically designed and activity-based workplaces where people can sit or stand, work alone or in groups, in the sun or in the shade. Naturally, with full access to electricity and WiFi.

Why should people choose this outdoor office concept, Jenny?

Moving a part of the work outdoors is an easy way to boost wellness among employees. You’re less stressed, you’re bright and happy, you strengthen your immune system, you move more often and you become more creative. We know this from recent research at Mälardalens University1) aimed at developing concepts for the sustainable office of the future.

How was the idea of the outdoor office born?

Our task is to create successful workplaces where people thrive and develop. Good ventilation and large amounts of borrowed light are important in office design, and we gladly take inspiration from nature in the form of green spaces and choice of materials. But all this is naturally available outdoors, I thought, and so we opened our first outdoor office in Växjö in 2016.

With the pandemic, the advantages of the outdoor office became even clearer – a healthy, easy way of working on site and meeting colleague.

What positive effects could working outdoors give the entire workplace?

Development and innovation rank high among many companies – so, everybody out! We place stringent demands on employees being productive and creative. The outdoor office should be seen as putting us on the right track. By going outside for the next performance and career development review or Monday meeting, we can open the door to entirely new processes.

How do we get started on creating new habits?

Everyone wants wellness for their employees, don’t they? If you’re a director or a manager, you can encourage – or even order – your staff to work outdoors. Make working outside even more pleasant. Ensure there are blankets, sun protection for computer screens, and – who knows? – maybe eventually heating cables in the furniture?

1. Castellum is a proud partner of the SOFCO research project at Mälardalens University

“You’re less stressed, you’re bright and happy, you strengthen your immune system, you move more often and you become more creative.”

Jenny Rungegård,
Business Area Manager.