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Castellum 2021 in brief

An internship helped Reshma become a part of the community

Jobbsprånget became a path into Swedish working life for Reshma Ramamurthy.

- “My time as an intern at Castellum was incredibly enriching, and gave me self-confidence and motivation. It was something that was crucial for my current job."

Castellum partners with Jobbsprånget, an internship program for academics who have recently arrived in the country. The purpose is to utilize the competence of these new arrivals and accelerate their introduction to the Swedish labour market.

Reshma is from southern India, and when her boyfriend got permission to work in Sweden she moved with him and studied Strategic Human Resource Management at Gothenburg University. After her degree, she got an internship in Castellum’s People Experience division (HR)

– “Being able to use my knowledge in practice was a stimulating experience. It was also challenging in many ways."

Previously, Reshma had experience mostly from administrative tasks. Now she got to learn more about competence development and HR digitalisation. Taking on interns with different backgrounds is an important part of Castellum’s work on social sustainability.

– “Helping people get into the labour market and being a bridge into Swedish society is extremely positive. For an individual, it means a lot and could be something that changes their lives. For us at Castellum, it could mean that we find new talent and new employees. But it’s also important from a larger, more long-term perspective, where we are working for a more inclusive society through increased diversity and decreased segregation,” says Helena Skoglund, Head of People Experience.

– “I quickly felt myself to be one of the team at Castellum. They listened to me, and they were open to my thoughts and ideas. The internship helped me a great deal, it was an experience that meant a lot to me both privately and in my occupation,” says Reshma, who now has a permanent position as an HR administrator at the logistics division of Foodora.

There, she works on a broad range of HR issues such as salaries and recruitment, as well as assisting the regional teams. For Reshma’s current employer, her internship at Castellum was a valuable asset that was a significant factor in employing her.

– “We are extremely satisfied with Reshma, she’s working out very well on our team and we see it as a highly successful recruitment,” says Arya Mustafa, HR Manager Logistics, Foodora.

“Helping people get into the labour market is important from a long-term perspective, as it means we are working actively for a more inclusive society.”

Helena Skoglund,
Head of People Experience