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Castellum 2021 in brief

“100 on Solar” programme already halfway to its goal

The City Gross store in Jönköping is one of Castellum's many properties that has had solar cells installed on its roof.

- “It means a great deal to us and is entirely in line with our efforts to create as sustainable an operation as possible,” says Christofer Björkman, store manager.

Castellum’s “100 on Solar” project means that 100 solar cells will be completed by 2025. The target was set in January 2020 and the 50th installation was in place by 2021, which means the halfway point has already been reached.

- “It is wonderful that the 50th installation was on our store in Jönköping,” Christofer Björkman says. City Gross uses energy only from renewable sources, which is why having their own solar cell on the roof feels like both an important standpoint and a wise investment.

The installation at City Gross in Jönköping will produce 220,000 kilowatt-hours per year, corresponding to the electricity consumption of 11 standard Swedish houses.

“Production is greatest during the daytime and during the summer months, when we need the most electricity for our cooling facilities. Castellum’s production of sustainable electricity that we can buy at a lower price is a win-win for us both,” Christofer Björkman says.

Castellum’s goal is to become 100% climate neutral in its operations by 2030, thereby supporting the UN climate agreement and the goal of a fossil fuel-free Sweden.

- “100 on Solar is a key component of this initiative. I see continued great potential for solar energy, and it is something our tenants also view positively,” says Max Börling, project manager for the solar cell initiative at Castellum.

City Gross imposes strict requirements on properties in its expansion into new stores.

- “It is important for us that our landlords work actively on sustainable energy solutions. We have a great deal in common with Castellum since we are both working to find long-term sustainable solutions to drive our operations forward. This means a great deal to us as a family company,” says Magnus Svensson, facility manager of the Bergendal Group, which includes City Gross.