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Castellum 2021 in brief

A strategy that creates value

Our strategy takes its starting point in a rapidly changing business environment, where the objective is to consistently meet the needs of our tenants and to create the society of the future.

Castellum's strategic plan

Castellum’s strategic plan Castellum’s strategic plan describes the strategy that is the central policy for the company’s strategic orientation, priorities and goals. The strategic plan is reviewed annually by Executive Management before subsequent adoption by the Board. The purpose of the plan is to optimise the preconditions for Castellum to deliver on the company’s overall growth targets and expectations for creating shareholder value. It must also ensure that Castellum is the most sustainable property company in Europe and a major player in the efforts to build a sustainable society.

Castellum's sustainability initiatives

Sustainability initiatives should be integrated into business operations and yield tangible results. Based on our tenants’ and their employees’ needs, Castellum will continue to develop attractive, flexible and easily accessible offerings in four areas: service, offices, public sector properties and logistics.


Beyond expectations.


Creating workplaces where people and enterprises thrive.

The Castellum spirit


Business idea

We create successful and sustainable workplaces in Nordic growth regions by really keeping close to customers, while staying on the cutting edge of innovation and expertise.

Business model

Investment in, and development and administration of commercial premises, as well as service offerings in a decentralised and customer- centric organisation. Castellum focuses on cash flow and operates with low financial risk.

  • 10%
    Overall objective: 10% annual growth in income from property management, SEK/share.
  • 1%
    Performance 2021: 1% growth in income from property management, SEK/share.


Case: The workplace of the future

Views on working life have changed. The trend toward increased flexibility has been boosted at the same time as employees’ demands on their employers are increasing.