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Castellum 2021 in brief

Business environment and strategy

Business environment trends

The coronavirus pandemic strengthened the megatrend that is driving development in the property industry and changing people’s behaviours through digitalisation. Remote working has meant that work life has become more flexible and new forms of offices such as coworking have emerged. We do a lot more of our shopping on the internet, which puts entirely new demands on logistics and warehousing solutions. Values and health are becoming increasingly important. This is putting new demands on workplaces, for example, when people want to be able to exercise at their jobs. Climate change is becoming increasingly important. The construction and property industry represents one fifth of Sweden’s emissions and generates one third of all waste in Sweden. Finally, there is great uncertainty regarding the future given that the pandemic is not over. One major question is how the lessons from the pandemic can be utilised in future through flexible forms of work.

Value creation

Castellum works systematically to adapt its offering in order to meet the rapid changes in our business environment. We create opportunities for operations to flourish, for people to develop and for cities to grow, which will be achieved by developing innovative and healthy work environments in dialogue with our tenants and listening to research on flexible work methods. We are building the future approach to shopping by offering logistics services that bring day-to-day purchases home to the front door. We develop buildings and new city districts with net-zero climate impact and create flexible workplaces of the future.

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A strategy creating value

Castellum’s strategy is based on three perspectives: the company, our customers, and society. The focus is on further strengthening relations with priority customer segments, developing our service offering and improving our asset and development portfolios. Castellum is to go beyond expectations, creating workplaces where people and enterprises thrive. The purpose of Castellum’s business operations is to invest in as well as develop, manage, acquire and sell commercial premises, and offer services in a decentralised and customer-oriented organisation.

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The Nordic region's leading commercial property company

Our rapid expansion in the Nordic region in 2021 made Castellum the Nordic region’s leading commercial property company with a property value of SEK 176 billion and a total lettable area of 6,333,000 square metres, including our holdings in Entra.

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Case: The logistics properties of the future

Demand for modern, sustainable logistics properties is rapidly increasing.