Direction of the focus area

We will promote health, wellness and productivity.


  • Equality among all occupational categories by 2025.
  • <2% short-term sick leave.
  • <3% long-term sick leave.
  • By 2025, 20% of Castellum’s employees are to have international backgrounds to more closely reflect the composition of society.


  • The following distributions regarding equality:
    • Executive Management: 50% women, 50% men
    • Regional management groups: 34% women, 66% men
    • Admin/customer service: 28% women, 72% men
    • Project and business development: 35% women, 65% men
    • Support functions: 63% women, 37% men
      For more detailed information, see the diagram Equality at Castellum, 2019.
  • 1.0% short-term sick leave.
  • 1.9% long-term sick leave.
  • 6% (6%) of Castellum’s employees have an international background.
    For more detailed information, see the diagram Diversity at Castellum in 2019, by region.

Working environment

Castellum protects and supports both employees and suppliers, and it is our responsibility that no one becomes ill, either physically or mentally, or is injured owing to their work. We work routinely on developing and improving working environments within the entire Group. Castellum also has a Code of Conduct for suppliers, in which they are obligated to meet the same requirements we impose on ourselves as regards work environments. During the year, 18 work-related accidents were reported, 7 of which involved Castellum employees. Total sick leave remained low, at 2.9% (3.8).

To reach the Group’s tough sustainability goals of net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 and a non-fossil fuel powered vehicle fleet by 2020, Castellum’s employees must prioritize sustainable travel and meetings.

Castellum’s guidelines include the following requirements:

  • Travel over 450 km should primarily be booked by train
  • Environmental requirements are imposed on all travel (e.g. green taxis should be booked)
  • Annual climate compensation for all of the Group’s travel
Diversity at Castellum in 2019, by region
Diversity at Castellum in 2019, by region (Bar Graph)

The number of employees with foreign backgrounds at Castellum in 2019, compared with foreign backgrounds among the populace aged 20–67 in the same locations and respective regional head office. Source: Statistics Sweden

Equality at Castellum, 2019
Equality at Castellum, 2019 (Bar Graph)

Equality involves a distribution in the range of 40–60%. Green markers are subject to goal tracking in accordance with Castellum’s sustainability strategy. Action plans must be drawn up annually by the HR division, with a focus on the least equal and larger occupational groups, which are monitored at a detailed level (e.g. customer service/property management).